I wanted to take this time to thank you for the most wonderful experience my daughter has been a part of thus far in her life of a dancer. The growth we have seen in her since the start of rehearsals in September is amazing. Of course, watching it all unfold on stage this weekend was breath-taking. Before this experience, we had no idea that such a beautiful production was so close to home (Woodstock) for us. Thank you to everyone involved. Obviously, the amount of work that goes into a production like this is huge, and we appreciated every aspect of it.

Lori & Emma Peixoto

Thank you for the wonderful experience for my daughter Alexa to perform in the Nutcracker this year again. This was her second year as an angel and soldier and she was blessed with your guidance and classes. It was a fantastic show and it was an honour to have Sunday classes with you. These will be wonderful memories forever.

Ida Bevilacqua & Family

Two years ago I was looking for a school for my creative, artistic daughter. She has a huge need to express herself, in quirky and unusual ways. Theatre, music and visual arts were her greatest passions. Initially, I was concerned about sending her to HAPA because of the strong ballet emphasis. At the time, she had only been dancing for a few months. I had some unfounded fears that ballet would be too rigid and might make her overly focused on body image. I also worried that a performing arts school might be too competitive and I wondered how that would affect the social dynamics. Two years later I am happy to share that my daughter has thrived artistically, academically and socially at HAPA. The environment is supportive, nurturing and collaborative. The culture encourages each child to strive personally and celebrate the success of his/her peers. HAPA has a high standard of academic learning and the small classes enable teachers to give the students a lot of individual attention. I would highly recommend HAPA and am happy to answer any questions prospective parents may have.

Alyssa Cohen

HAPA has provided my daughter with a warm and nurturing environment which strikes a nice balance between academic commitment and creative self-expression.  The school has built in her a solid foundation in the Classical Arts, which already serves to enrich her life, at the very least exposing her daily to a wonderful world beyond gadgets, screen monitors and technology.

Diana Olsen, President | Balzacs Coffee Ltd.

Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts has provided me with an optimal high school education. I have learned large amounts and I continue to look up to my distinguished teachers on a regular basis. I think of my experiences at Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts every day, and the school atmosphere has made me feel part of a family. The benefit of small class sizes has allowed me to flourish to my full potential. I truly believe I would not be where I am today without the guidance and support from the teachers at Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts.

Nikita Ohayon | Alumni ‘15

A message from a parent during Covid-19 pandemic:
“The school is doing a tremendous job with continuing studies! Many people we know have children in both private and public school and do not have the same level of service you have at HAPA! The timetable works, the level of homework works, everything is going so well. We never have to worry about the school year when many parents have. Thank you!”

Karen Sheahan | Alumni ‘15