Our Alumni

Our Alumni

Nikita Ohayon is the first grade 12 graduate of Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts. She has completed the Practical Nursing program at Mohawk College and is now working as a Registered Practical Nurse. Nikita is currently pursing her BScN degree at McMaster University.

Noemi Castellaro currently dances with the Europa Ballet in Austria.

Irina Pedriali is engaged with Pro-Art in Albenga, Italy, and has graduated from Wrexham Glyndwr University in England.

Olivia Patiakis with the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City.

In 2014, HAPA dance student Kaylee Marko was invited to the English National Ballet Academy Program in London England and subsequently obtained a contract with The North Leeds Ballet Company in England.

William Hall is now training with the Joffrey Concert Group in New York City.

Veronica Higgins is a trainee with the Louisville Ballet.

Christina Litt-Belch has been accepted as trainee with the Charlotte Ballet in North Carolina and the Alberta Ballet.

Alexander Christiansen attended the Kirov Ballet School in Washington D.C. and will be pursuing pre-med at McMaster University.

Claudia Gennaccaro has graduated from McMaster University and is pursuing a B.Ed.

Caitlin Collingwood is at Sheridan College in Musical Theatre. Both Claudia and Caitlin periodically assist the instructors in our junior classes and during our rehearsal periods