Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts is a registered school with the Ontario Ministry of Education. Ontario elementary and secondary curriculum effectively combines rigorous studies of Arts with Academic subjects. The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is well recognized worldwide, and Ontario graduates are accepted into universities and colleges across Canada and the globe. Our programs stimulate creativity and imagination that helps students in developing strong cognitive skills vital for academic success. HAPA offers a curriculum that provides the students with a choice for post secondary education at university, college Art program, or a professional career in the Arts.

Elementary School

Students are taught by subject specialists who are qualified to teach both elementary and secondary school. Small class sizes stimulate student learning and class participation. Teachers provide personalized attention to address the individual needs of each student. At HAPA we offer an enriched curriculum in Mathematics, English, French, Science and Social Studies. Studies of Mathematics are based on the best practices from traditional Canadian and Russian schooling. Our French language studies are based on Accelerated Integrated Learning Method with a focus on oral communication and fluency.

Secondary School

The Ontario Secondary School Curriculum allow students to effectively combine compulsory academic courses with elective Art courses. We provide the best combined Art and university/college preparatory program. A strong academic background will provide our students with better options for post secondary education, and expand their horizons. Our experienced teachers offer HAPA students high quality education. Small class sizes will foster student participation and allow teachers to provide an individualized approach to meet students’ needs. Comprehensive university/Art College counseling will be offered to each student throughout high school. Students’ courses are carefully selected to ensure that requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education, university, as well as an individual post secondary Art program are met. The school offers assistance in university/college application and scholarship process.