Academic Stream


This stream offers a variety of University Preparatory high school credits to prepare students for university and other post-secondary destinations. Students can pursue subjects of interest leading to their chosen post-secondary program. 


High school students benefit from the flexibility of course selections in a range of subjects. Students can pursue academics and enjoy exposure to the arts by opting to take classes in Dance and Drama. For secondary studies, courses are University Preparation and therefore recognized for admission to universities in Canada and abroad. French language education is highly valued and encouraged at Hamilton Academy; we find that the multilingual background of many of our students only enriches their education. Dancers whose main dance form is not ballet can earn dance credits through the Academy, which will work in tandem with the student’s dance studio to ensure that requirements are fulfilled. Credits in Music or Vocal can be obtained by fulfilling the Ontario Conservatory of Music requirements.




*Elementary students: The streams do not apply to students in the younger levels at the Academy. Gr. 3-8 students are taught by subject specialists who are also qualified to teach at the secondary level. Faculty members offer work that meets the individualized needs of each student. Teachers help students in going beyond course material, both in and outside of the classroom, for a comprehensive understanding of the enriched curriculum components and their real life applications. In addition to the full academic curriculum, students are taking courses in performing arts, such as Dance, Drama, Music, and Vocal. Students can choose to alter the amount of dance training they receive. Students will be prepared for high school with a solid foundation in inquiry-based learning and experience in both performing and visual arts.