The Arts

Elementary School

At Grades 4 to 8 our students take various performing arts courses for 3 hours every day. The students are offered courses in Ballet (Vaganova Method), Modern Dance, Historical Dance, Drama, Music, and Vocal classes with our experienced and highly professional instructors. The courses are designed to help every student discover and develop her/his talents.

Throughout the year, our students will have performance opportunities as well as participating in community events. The students focusing on Ballet are also given the opportunity to perform with the Hamilton City Ballet school’s Junior Division.

Secondary School

At HAPA our students will take credit courses in Dance, Music, Drama, and Vocal that are part of the Ontario Ministry of Education Arts Curriculum in Grades 9 to 12. Our specialized art programs provide an opportunity for the students to specialize in their chosen art field by offering more hours of training courses in arts history.

Under the supervision of our guidance counselors each student will select art courses that best prepare students for the chosen university, college Art program or a professional career in dance, music, drama or vocals. Our qualified and experienced teachers will guide the students in preparation of exams, performances, competitions and art portfolios required for the admission into post secondary art programs.

Our students specializing in Ballet work closely and perform with the Hamilton City Ballet school’s Senior Division.